Roofing FAQ’s and Information

What are the most common issues associated with a roof?
  • 1. Lack of Maintenance
  • 2. Natural Age and Weathering
  • 3. Wind Damage
  • 4. Improper Installation
What is the cost of a new roof?

For most homeowners, the very first question they ask is what the cost of a new roof will be. Many different factors play a part in this number. Here are a few of the things we look at to determine the quote for your roof.

Is this a roof for a new home construction or replacing an existing roofing system? Roof replacements will always carry a higher associated cost than roof installation a newly constructed home. The added cost is due to the extra labor of tearing off the old roof shingles. On new construction this step is obviously not needed.

The type of materials that will be used can cause a tremendous price difference. For example, a 50-year rated shingle will be a considerably more expensive material than a 20-year rated shingle. Labor costs are generally about same on any type of material. The type that is used i.e. shingle, metal, tile, slate, is the largest difference in cost for a roof.

Is the previous roof to be removed or will it be laid over? Lay-over roofs are not recommended for a few reasons. One being, that if a leak does occur it will be much harder to determine which layer is the problem area. Also if you have to replace the roof again in the future, the labor costs will be substantially higher due to the increase in the amount of tear-off labor involved. (Tearing of two roofs, as opposed to one, means double the dump fees for the extra waste and an increase in total clean-up time, etc.)

The type of underlayment that will be used plays a part as well. Many different types and qualities of felt underlayment and there is also protective water and ice membranes available for use in the valleys, slope to slope transitions, eaves, and any other areas water has the potential to work its way beneath the shingles.

Can you lay the new roof over the top of my existing roof?

Although this method is not recommended, in some cases, a homeowner may elect this option because of the lower cost. This can wind up costing more in the long run whenever you need a roof replacement again.

According to code, two layers of shingles is the maximum amount permitted. Even at two layers, this adds a considerable amount of weight and strain.

Is a metal roof more expensive than conventional shingles?

Yes. The average cost of a metal roof is more expensive. This is due to the materials rugged construction which allows it to withstand damaging elements that conventional roofing systems cannot. The durability and warranty that comes with these roofing systems (30 to 50 years depending on name brand) is much more economical over time. These systems, when installed properly, are virtually maintenance free.

Am I required to be at home when a roofing inspection is being made?

General roof inspections can be performed without the need of the homeowners presence. If interior damage due to a leak is present and a repair is needed, we would need to have access to inspect the damaged area inside your home in order to track down where the leak occurred.

How much does a roofing inspection cost?

The cost of inspection depends on a few different things, but we provide estimates free of charge.

How do I know if my roof has storm damage?

If obvious damage is not noticed from the outside, a complete roof inspection is required in order to determine whether or not storm damage has occurred. The easiest form of damage to spot is wind damage by looking for torn or missing shingles. Hail damage and less obvious damage requires a full inspection of the entire surface of the roof. It is rare to detect hail damage from the ground unless large baseball sized hail has fallen.

Even small hail can create damaging effects on your roof. When hail strikes your roof it can knock of the small granulars exposing the asphalt layer below to harmful UV. These small granular pieces protect your shingles from UV damage. The absence of these granular can prematurely deteriorate your shingles.

Metal roofing is also affected by hail, but is usually only cosmetic damage and nothing serious.

What method of payment do you all accept?

We accept all major credit cards and insurance. Many homeowners choose the credit card option to take advantage of reward points offered by their credit cards.

What types of roofing shingles are there?

There are a number of products on the market as the industry has evolved over the years. Some of the top manufacturers include Certainteed, GAF, and Owens Corning. Each company offers 20-year and 25-Year three tab shingles, in addition to 30-Year Architectural shingles. They also have a wide range of designer and luxury shingles that can reach up to 50-year warranties. There are also composite shingles which resemble slate, which are becoming more and more popular.