Roof Repair VS Replacement /
Which One Do I Need?

Does your roof need repaired or replaced?

At one point or the other, all roofs have to be either replaced or repaired, but how does one decide which is the best option between roof repair vs replacement? It goes without saying that a replacement would be a more time consuming and costly venture, but sometimes a roof repair simply does not cut it. However, whether you replace or repair your roof largely depends on timing. On one hand you do not want to wait till the roof is completely shambled before replacing it and on the other you want to get the most out of your current roof. The quickest and most efficient way to establish whether you roof needs a repair or a replacement is to inspect it.

How to Inspect Your Roof

It is highly recommended that you check your roof for any problems at least four times a year. A pair of binoculars can be used to check for buckling, discoloration, missing shingles, and any other defects on the outside. However, a more up close and personal inspection of the inside will also be needed.

From the attic vantage point, you can check the roof for discoloration caused by moisture, rotting wood or trails of water. Moisture often harms finished or painted surfaces, so also make sure you look for cracking or bubbling in paint. There are also some obvious signs of roof damage you cannot afford to miss such as bumps or sags on the roof or holes.

Roof Repair vs Replacement

If your roof has been compromised, then you either have to fix it or replace it before it leads to mold, water damage, and other costly headaches. The decision to replace or fix a problematic roof should be based on the cost associated with either.

The repair costs tend to vary depending on the size and type of repair required. Repairs can fall anywhere between a $5 squirt of mastic and a complicated repair along a skylight or chimney that costs an upwards of $1000. It's important to always ask for an estimate before hiring someone to repair your roof. In some cases, replacing a roof is more cost effective that repairing it. You also have to consider what you will spend in the long run, if the problem is recurring then the better option would be to replace the roof.

If you conclude that a replacement is the better option, you must decide whether you want the old roof completely torn off or if you want the new roof placed over the old one. In most cases, placing the old roof on top of the old one is less costly. We will discuss all of your options with you at the time of inspection to ensure you receive the best possible repair or replacement for your home.

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